Guide in order not to miss out on the hidden pearls of Punto de Vista 2018

Guide in order not to miss out on the hidden pearls of Punto de Vista 2018
Beyond the Official Section and the Baluarte Auditorium, the festival is also running interesting activities at other venues around the city.

The twelfth edition of Punto de Vista aims to break out of the confines of Baluarte and spread itself around the city: the Gayarre Theatre, Navarra Film Library, Pamplona Planetarium, Magazine in the Citadel or Katakrak are some of the sites #PDV2018 will be visiting. Activities as appealing as these are to be held at all these venues:

Pamplona Planetarium

A children’s animated cinema programme will be screened at this venue with films reminding us that the universe is much bigger than we can imagine and that the only constraint on exploring it is our own imagination. The programme goes by the name of ‘Más allá del mundo’ (Beyond the world) and starts at 12.30 p.m. on Saturday the 3 rd . Tickets are available on the Planetarium website. The programme will be screened again at 12.30 p.m. on Saturday the 10 th of March in the Chamber Room at the Baluarte Auditorium.

The other date for your diary is 8 p.m., Thursday the 8 th . The programme ‘Me asombro del cielo sea cual sea su apariencia’ will screen a collection of experimental films whose creators show their fascination with the beauty of the cosmos.

Navarra Film Library

The Film Library will be hosting one of the most eagerly awaited events at the festival, the visit of the historian of American avant-garde cinema P. Adams Sitney. The professor will offer us a tour of the U.S.’s most groundbreaking cinema, screening films from the period which he studied in detail in his book Eyes Upside Down: Visionary Filmmakers and the Heritage of Emerson (2008). His masterclass will provide a unique opportunity to enjoy one of North America’s most acclaimed professors of cinema. Tickets are available at this link.

La Naturaleza y su temblor

One of the most interesting creators on the present-day contemporary scene, Idoia Zabaleta, is bringing us one of the most authentic offerings at this year’s Punto de Vista: a walk through Pamplona in which the viewers perceive reality through observation while listening to philosophical reflections on a headset. A chance to see, decipher and understand reality and Pamplona in a different way. The tour will leave at 12 noon (in Spanish) and 3.45 p.m. (in English) on Wednesday the 7 th , and at 3.45 p.m. (in Spanish) and 6 p.m. (in Basque) on Thursday the 8 th . The groups are limited in number and tickets are available through the Gayarre Theatre’s sales channels.

Gayarre Theatre: Tijuana

The collective Lagartijas Tiradas al Sol (Mexico), which works to create stories based on reality, is offering an enthralling work at the Gayarre Theatre: Tijuana. The work stages the experience of one of its creators, Gabino Rodriguez, who for six months became Santiago Ramírez, a resident of Tijuana (Baja California), under specific conditions that detached him from his everyday world, with which he had no contact while he worked for the minimum wage in a local factory. The mise-en- scene aims to recount this experience and explore the possibilities of performance: ‘Being someone else, attempting to live the life of another person. Impersonate another. Isn't that what acting is all about?’

Tickets for this critical work which reflects on the current state of democracy in Mexico are available through the Gayarre Theatre’s sales channels.

Sala Polvorín in the Citadel - Avalanche

This creation laboratory set up in the Magazine in the Citadel is an encounter between the filmmaker Carlos Casas and the musician Xabi Erkizia. Together they will be completing an artistic residency in Pamplona to work on setting one of Casas’ films, AVALANCHE, to sound. The public will be able to see the two artists at work as they experiment and create a joint work of sound and vision which they will then premiere at 12.30 p.m. on Saturday the 10th. The doors will be open on Friday to watch Casas and Erkizia as they work from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

The festival’s other hidden pearls:

11.30 a.m. Thursday the 8 th in the Sala Bulevar

The professor and historian Marta Selva offers the conference De un cuerpo a esta parte, in which she analyses the materialities and (dis)orders in filmic feminisms.

5 p.m. Thursday the 8 th in Baluarte’s Sala Corona

The filmmaker Arantza Santesteban offers a conference to analyse Néstor Basterretxea’s classic AMA LUR from a feminist and critical viewpoint.

10 a.m. Friday the 9 th in the Sala Bulevar

The filmmaker and member of the Punto de Vista jury offers a conference on the life and work of C.B., a multifaceted artist, political activist, amateur archaeologist and creator of the Mining Museum.

12 noon Friday the 9 th in the Sala Muralla

The artist and researcher Esperanza Collado offers her conference Things Said Once, ‘an art statement and a praise for film and cinema in recognition of its history and our responsibility in the present.’

11 a.m. Saturday the 10 th in the Sala Corona

Collective listening of the recordings of the artistic association LEVE, which every year edits sound publications on 10"; vinyl to be played at 45 rpm and silk-screen printed by hand in line with the idea of field recording.

Foco: Rebecca Baron

Three films proposed by Rebecca Baron (Detour de Force, The Idea of North), consisting of two of her own and another by Robert Frank (The Present). Rebecca Baron is also sitting on the international jury of the Official Section. Both Baron and Paolo Davanzo, the member of the Echo Park Film Center who is conducting the film laboratory The Sound We See, are coming to Pamplona thanks to the support of Acción Cultural Española's (AC/E) Programme for the Internationalisation of Culture (PICE).

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