The third Punto de Vista Labs has invited filmmaker Carlos Casas to work on Avalanche#10 in collaboration with sound artist Xabi Erkizia

The third Punto de Vista Labs has invited filmmaker Carlos Casas to work on Avalanche#10 in collaboration with sound artist Xabi Erkizia
The performance will take place in the Magazine in Pamplona’s Citadel

Punto de Vista Labs unites artists to work together during the festival. This year it has invited the filmmaker and artist Carlos Casas to work on Avalanche#10, a site-specific audiovisual montage with live soundtrack and editing. Avalanche transports the audience to one of the world's highest deserted villages, Hichigh, in the Pamirs, a mountain range which separates Tajikistan from Afghanistan. One of the least known and remotest regions on earth, the Pamirs are as mysterious as they are fascinating, home to some of the oldest and best-kept traditions in the world. Avalanche is a site-specific project, created and developed according to the venue or festival at which it is presented. In its tenth ‘reincarnation’ at Punto de Vista, Casas will be joined by the sound artist and musician Xabi Erkizia, coordinator in the sound department of AUDIOLAB.

During the festival week, the Magazine in Pamplona’s Citadel will become an open laboratory and test chamber with live audiovisual improvisation and editing, open to the public from Thursday to Saturday and with a closing show which everyone can attend on Saturday the 10th of March. 


Born in Barcelona and resident in Paris, Carlos Casas is a filmmaker and artist who has won numerous international awards. Interested in film, art and ethnography, his works are engaging, contemplative audiovisual experiences, detailed documents, which build bridges between the viewer and the locations and people they portray.


Sound artist, radio host, producer and journalist, Erkizia’s work focuses on research into people, sound and different media: experiments in different situations, sound installations, recordings, musical compositions, works for radio, collaborative projects and group improvisations. In the last 15 years, he has worked in different parts of Europe, America and Asia. He has co-directed the ERTZ Other Music Festival since 2000. 

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