Punto de Vista 2019 Winners

Punto de Vista 2019 Winners
The international jury of the thirteenth Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, made up of Erika Balsom, Dennis Lim and Eva Sangiorgi, after watching all the entries submitted to the Official Selection and after due deliberation, has decided to award the following prizes:

Official prizes

► The Punto de Vista Grand Prize for Best Film, worth 10,000 euros, goes to UNA LUNA DE HIERRO (AN IRON MOON), by Francisco Rodríguez. The Jury highlights that “The global circulation of people and goods defies easy representation. This atmospheric and haunting film, at once political and intimate, devises a cinematic language to meet this challenge with remarkable results”.

► The Jean Vigo prize for Best Director, worth 5,000 euros, goes to PARSI, by Eduardo Williams. For the Jury this is “A film of energy and physicality that makes creative use of new technologies and proposes a compelling and unusual relationship between sound and image”.

► The prize for Best Short, worth 3,000 euros, goes to MUM’S CARDS, by Luke Fowler. A film that is “A moving portrait of intellectual labor and motherhood, economical in its means yet expansive in its implications”.

Special prizes

► The special audience prize for Best Film, worth 1,650 euros, goes to OJO GUAREÑA, by Edurne Rubio.

► The youth prize for Best Film, worth 1.500 euros, goes to THE SUN QUARTET, PART 2: SAN JUAN RIVER, by the Colectivo Los Ingrávidos. “Thanks to their ability to bring together the power of their discourse and the power of the form, the authors have got it right in creating a space that goes beyond image and sound to shake us up as viewers. This film is the cry of a reality that they tried to silence”.

► Special Jury commendation for ALTIPLANO (PLATEAU), by Malena Szlam, a work that represents “A virtuosic landscape study that makes painterly use of color, texture, light and chemistry”.

► Special Jury commendation for VEVER (FOR BARBARA), by Deborah Stratman, as “An encounter across three generations of women that explores the ethics and the promise of the unfinished”.


► Finally, after due deliberation, the members of the Selection Committee for the X FILMS PROJECT – Maialen Beloki, Alejandro Díaz Castaño and Montse Triola – who got to know the three projects in writing and then at a public showing presented by their authors – Jaione Camborda, El Colectivo los Hijos and Maddi Barber - have decided to select ROJO, by Maddi Barber, for the X Films Project.

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