Punto de Vista maintains its support for local production with its ‘X Films’ project

Punto de Vista maintains its support for local production with its ‘X Films’ project
The group Zazpi T’erdi will premiere ‘La vía flotante’ as winners of X Films in the last edition, while Maddi Barber, the group Los Hijos and Jaione Camborda will be the candidates this year.

In 2010 Josetxo Cerdán and his team started a project in Punto de Vista to give Spanish filmmakers the opportunity to make an essay film in Navarre. This has become a reality, now called ‘X Films’, and it maintains the same spirit: to help local creators make new films and promote the growth of a series of elements that mean that the new voices of documentary film can be heard and seen here.

The result is a look back at Navarre over the years, fostering non-fiction audiovisual creation while making Punto de Vista a key event in the annual calendar for documentary makers who want to explore new things.

In this edition Punto de Vista will see the first screening of the film made by the winners of last year’s edition. The group Zazpi T’erdi will present La vía flotante, a film that explores landscapes in Navarre in which human beings have disappeared from the image, only leaving their trace behind. It is a (non) science-fiction film crossed by radio waves and conversations by radio hams who speak as they look at the sky.

Pello Gutiérrez, David Aguilar Iñigo and Iñaki Sagastume are three friends who work together on mixing audiovisual genres under the name of Zazpi T'erdi. Their work places special emphasis on the process of filming and its way of relating to reality, through films that visit the genres of non-fiction and experimental cinema. Their filmography includes the above-mentioned La vía flotante (2019), Zain (2018), Converso (2017), Ozpinaren sindromea (2017), Mara (2016), Oírse (2013) or Nao yik (2011). In the field of dramatic arts, they have incorporated non-fiction cinema into works such as Biutz (2012) and Heriotza Bikoitza (2018), both created collectively.

The candidates to the X Films award this year will be Maddi Barber, the group Los Hijos and Jaione Camborda. Each one’s proposition will be evaluated by the jury, which will then choose the winner. This year the jury members will be Maialen Beloki (Donostia, 1983), Deputy Director of the San Sebastián International Film Festival, Alejandro Díaz Castaño (Asturias, 1979) Director of the Gijón International Film Festival, and the producer and performance artist Montse Triola (Banyoles, 1974).

Maddi Barber will present Yours Truly, which follows the journey of the stuffed figures incorporated into the collection of the Manchester Museum in the 19th and 20th centuries. The correspondence between the directors of the Museum, the members of the expeditions and figures of the British nobility reveal the stories behind the specimens.

The group Los Hijos, consisting of Javier Fernández Vázquez, Luis López Carrasco and Natalia Marín Sancho, was founded in Madrid in 2008 and works in the fields of non-fiction cinema, video art and experimental ethnography. It will present its works Los materiales (the film that won in Punto de Vista in 2010) Árboles and Karaoke España.

Finally, Jaione Camborda will screen A rapa das bestas, which tells the story of the close combat between Man and animals; Proba de Axilidade, with flying dogs; Lilit, and Nimbos. The filmmaker from San Sebastián also created the header for the Novos Cinemas 2017 festival and the one for last year’s edition of Punto de Vista. She also directed the feature film Arima, as well as working as a screenwriter and art director in several other films.

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