‘Zumiriki’ by Oskar Alegria will open the next edition of Punto de Vista

‘Zumiriki’ by Oskar Alegria will open the next edition of Punto de Vista

The festival will dedicate a retrospective and its annual publication to German and Chilean film-makers Ute Aurand, Renate Sami, Helga Fanderl and Jeannette Muñoz.

From 2 to 7 March 2020, the 14th edition of Punto de Vista will once again bring together non-fiction cinema professionals and fans. The Festival is giving a sneak-peek of its programming today and it has published the image that will represent it.

Punto de Vista’s programming will once again be organised into seven broad sections whose contents will be revealed in the run-up to the Festival: Official Section, Retrospectives, Dokbizia, Punto de Vista Labs, Artists in Focus, Special Screenings and the Educational Programme.

On the other hand, we are excited to reveal the image that will represent this edition of Punto de Vista, once again the work of designer Dani Sanchis. The concept revolves around the oceanic idea that runs through part of the programming. In the three posters forming the image, we have blue as the driving colour, the deconstructed and agitated ocean, and fragmented natural beauty as the image’s conceptual elements, inviting us to see beyond what is immediately clear.

As for a sneak-peek of the programming, we should mention that Oskar Alegria, artistic director of Punto de Vista from 2013 to 2016, will be opening the Festival this year with ‘Zumiriki’, his latest film, first shown at the Venice Film Festival and winner of The New Waves Non Fiction Best Film Award at the Seville European Film Festival. In this film, the Navarran filmmaker shuts himself away in a wood cabin built as a memory in the woods of his childhood next to the River Arga. Alegria lived there completely alone for four months, fully communing with nature. ‘Zumiriki’ means ‘island in the centre of the river’ in Basque.

The Punto de Vista 2020 publication will be a portrait of the German and Chilean filmmakers Ute Aurand (Frankfort, 1957), Renate Sami (Berlin, 1935), Helga Fanderl (Ingolstadt, 1947) and Jeannete Muñoz (Santiago de Chile, 1967), One of the festival’s retrospectives will be dedicated to them, including a complete cycle featuring many of their films, mostly unreleased in Spain. These four filmmakers have won awards at several prestigious international festivals such as the Berlinale, the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, the New York Film Festival or the IFFR in Rotterdam. They have produced some of the most relevant avant-garde and experimental cinema work since the 80s. This book will be edited by Garbiñe Ortega, Punto de Vista’s artistic director, and by curator María Palacios Cruz, the Festival programmer. Furthermore, it can boast participation from several filmmakers, writers and academics such as George Clark, Soon Mi-Yoo, Sarah Neely, Francisco Algarín, Elena Duque or Carine Doumit.

‘An Oceanic Feeling’, by Erika Balsom, will be another retrospective presented by Punto de Vista this year. In 2018, Balsom, a British academic and professor of Film Studies and Humanities at King´s College London, published ‘An Oceanic Feeling: Cinema and the Sea’, a documentary that analyses the seascape through cinema. The retrospective will consequently connect up great authors from the history of cinema with contemporary cinema through the metaphor of the sea. Six programmes will demonstrate different ways of representing the sea in documentary cinema, seeking to reflect on what it means to belong to this world at a time of ecological, humanitarian and political emergency.

This year, Punto de Vista is also hosting a very special celebration, the 10th Anniversary of the X Films project. Since it began in 2009, the Festival has invited three filmmakers every year to present a documentary film project to be shot in Navarra over the following year. A jury chooses the winning project, that will be shown for the first time at the next edition of the Festival. In March 2020, Punto de Vista will present the 10th winning film from X Films, ‘Rojo’, by Navarran Maddi Barber. To celebrate the anniversary and the generation of filmmakers who have taken part in this initiative, Punto de Vista will programme a special cycle which will show all the winning X Films in Civivox Condestable.

As for Festival contributors, in this 14th edition, Punto de Vista is consolidating its relationship with several partners and signing new agreements. The festival will thereby continue working with entities such as the Pamplona City Council, Fundación Caja Navarra, Pamplona Planetarium, Filmoteca Navarra or the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte; and it is bringing in new travelling companions such as the Instituto Cervantes or the Goethe Institut.

From 2 to 7 March 2020, non-fiction cinematography will rendezvous at Punto de Vista.


Punto de Vista has opened sign-ups for the Festival’s team of volunteers and the Youth Jury. Anyone interested in either offer can sign up on the website, www.puntodevistafestival.com, before 11 February.

Punto de Vista is looking for volunteers to help organise the Festival, for positions such as ushers, production coordination, support for the communication department, support for the video team and the Festival’s official photographer, welcoming and accompanying filmmakers, events organisation, travel coordination, or accreditation and box office.

On the other hand, the Festival is once again offering young people aged between 18 and 25 the chance to join the Youth Jury, that will decide the Youth Award for the Best Film.


The graphic materials (posters, photos, logos, stills, etc.) available for the media can be downloaded from http://bit.ly/MaterialesPrensaPuntodeVista2020.

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