Awards Punto de Vista 2020

Awards Punto de Vista 2020

The international jury of the fourteenth edition Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, made up of Haden Guest, Simon Field and Hila Peleg, after watching all the entries submitted to the Official Selection and after due deliberation, has decided to award the following prizes.

Official prizes

► The Punto de Vista Grand Prize for Best Film, worth 10,000 euros, goes to “Un film dramatique”, by Éric Baudelaire and “Apiyemiyekî?” by Ana Vaz.
The jury highlights that “Apiyemiyekî?” is “A haunting and insightfully lyrical film that invents a new language of superimposition to follow the work of a human rights activist uncovering the dark and still ongoing history of genocidal crimes against indigenous peoples of the Brazilian Amazonia. “Apiyemiyekî?” by Ana Vaz is given the Gran Premio Punto de Vista a la Mejor Película in recognition of its impressive meditation on the fragile power of collective memory and the urgent need for social justice. We thank Ana Vaz for teaching us how to read the untold and repressed histories written into the landscape.”

The jury highlights that “Un film dramatique” is “A true and revelatory collaboration between a spirited group of middle school students and filmmaker Éric Baudelaire, “Un film dramatique” is also given the Gran Premio Punto de Vista a la mejor película, with commendation for the film’s skillfully interwoven group portrait of remarkable youth whose differently emerging voices and visions become a moving and masterful statement about cinema’s unique ability to allow us to see and hear the world we inhabit and invent. We celebrate the work of Éric Baudelaire, Claire Atherton and the students of Dora Maar and we thank them for giving us great hope that the future might, in fact, be a better place.”

► The Jean Vigo prize for Best Director, worth 5,000 euros, goes to Lawrence Abu Hamdan, for “Once Removed”. For the jury: “It is so rare that a film can simultaneously astonish and teach at the same time. And yet, with its vertiginous turns and deceptively understated spoken word performances “Once Removed” does precisely this, unfolding an ever complicated history of revolution, violence and repressed collective trauma all contained within a patiently assembled personal image archive now become an equally theatrical and cinematic slide show. We give the Premio Jean Vigo a la Mejor Dirección to Lawrence Abu Hamdan and extol him for his brilliantly inventive distillation of the difficult thorns and contestations that define the history of the Lebanese Civil War.”

► The prize for Best Short, worth 3,000 euros, goes to “Now, at Last!”, by Ben Rivers. A film that is “A playful yet profound ode to cinematic time, this wholly absorbing portrait of a Costa Rican sloth combines black and white observational filmmaking with vivid color musical passages to remind the spectator of cinema’s power to reveal and respectfully marvel alterity and otherness. The Premio al Mejor Cortometraje is given to “Now, at Last!” by Ben Rivers who we happily praise for reminding us that cinematic exuberance can be as insightful as documentary sobriety.”

Special prizes

► The special audience prize for Best Film, worth 1,650 euros, goes to “Overseas”, by Sung-a Yoon.

► The youth prize for Best Film, worth 1.500 euros, goes to “Queen”, by Kathryn Elkin. “For its power, the empathy it conveys to the audience and its ability to appeal to our present, while opening a door to the future. For its authenticity, its humour and spontaneity. For its “do it yourself” quality and the self-reflexivity that makes us wonder: “Why not me?”

► Special Jury commendation for “Queen”, by Kathryn Elkin.

► Special Jury commendation for “Aquí y allá”, by Melisa Liebenthal.

X Films

► Finally, after due deliberation, the members of the jury for the X FILMS PROJECT – Dario Oliveira, Nathalie Trafford and Cristina Cámara Bello – who got to know the three projects in writing and then at a public showing presented by their authors – Alberto Gracia, Laida Lertxundi and Maider Fernández Iriarte - have decided to select "Tengan cuidado ahí afuera", by Alberto Gracia.

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