Follow the activities in the Punto de Vista 2020 educational programme

Follow the activities in the Punto de Vista 2020 educational programme

On Saturday 29th there's a children's session at the Planetarium and enrolments are open for the Cementerio de elefantes (Elephants' Graveyard) workshop on Friday 6th

On Saturday 29th is the Punto de Vista 2020 children's session at the Pamplona Planetarium. Under the title “Viaje hacia la luz” ("Journey Towards the Light"), a selection of animated shorts aimed at children and young people will be shown; a chance to enjoy an immersive cinema experience at the Planetarium, featuring the animal kingdom and fireworks. Tickets cost 5 euros and are on sale on the Planetarium website. The children's programme also includes a session at Baluarte on Saturday 7th at 11.00am.

Enrolments are open for the Cementerio de elefantes (Elephants' Graveyard) workshop, to be given by the artist Carlos Casas at Civivox Condestable on Friday 6th March from 5.30 to 6.10pm, for children aged from 6 to 12. The workshop is an immersive sound experience in which participants are invited to listen and draw, in the dark, an imaginary place to which they are going to travel through sound. It offers a different way of looking at elephants and the natural world, in which participants develop their listening ability and exercise their imagination. To ask for places, write to

On 8th and 15th February Civivox Mendilorri hosted the Cartas filmadas (Filmed Letters) workshop, given by the Navarrese film-maker Marina Lameiro. The video made at the workshop is available on the Punto de Vista YouTube channel: The participants worked together to create a letter, like a message in a bottle, creating their own material around the theme they chose in the workshop.

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