Punto de Vista 2020 kicks off

Punto de Vista 2020 kicks off

Over the next 6 days around 140 films will be screened in Pamplona, accompanied by nearly 70 activities featuring figures from all over the world. 

Punto de Vista kicks off its fourteenth edition today, placing Pamplona at the the epicentre of the international film community. Throughout the week, the festival will offer a new look at the world around us through the eyes of the film-makers and creative talents who will be showing their work.

Like this, Punto de Vista once again offers a select, carefully-prepared programme of content in which quality and creative risk play a starring role. The work of film-makers like Francis Alÿs, Lawrence Abu Hamdam, Ben Rivers, Éric Baudelaire, Tacita Dean, Lynne Sachs, Ana Vaz, Ute Aurand, Oskar Alegria and Laura Huertas Millán, among many others, is to be screened during the festival. Punto de Vista also offers a wide variety of activities off the big screen, including performances, conversations, talks, poetry readings and workshops by some of the most interesting profiles on the scene today, such as Rabih Mroué, Lynne Sachs, Simon Field, Carlos Casas, Hila Peleg and Isaki Lacuesta, among others.

Punto de Vista 2020 in figures:
● A total of 139 films will be shown during the festival.
● 69 sessions will be run, featuring screenings and other activities.
● There will be over 400 accredited attendees, including film professionals, journalists and students.
● Punto de Vista is a global festival, with more than 25 countries around the world represented; films will be screened from Egypt, Japan, Syria, Colombia, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic, among many others.
● Just over half the films at Punto de Vista 2020 were directed by women, reflecting their growing presence in cinema, something that has come about entirely organically. Of the 23 films in the Official Section, 12 were directed by women. Moreover, the three retrospectives at this year's Punto de Vista are devoted to or curated by women: Anne Charlotte Robertson, Erika Balsom, Ute Aurand, Renate Sami, Helga Fanderl and Jeannette Muñoz.
● The festival takes place at 8 venues: Baluarte, Filmoteca de Navarra, Pamplona planetarium, Civivox Condestable, Civican, Huarte contemporary arts centre, the Gayarre theatre and Katakrak.

From 2nd to 7th March, documentary film and all the realities it involves once again have a meeting place at Punto de Vista. 

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