Punto de Vista makes a series of audiovisual pieces to present its content

Punto de Vista makes a series of audiovisual pieces to present its content

The videos are available on the festival’s Vimeo channel

Every year the festival commissions a filmmaker to make the header, a short piece that is screened before all the sessions. This year Lois Patiño will join the list of people including Fernando Franco, Jaione Camborda or Zazpi T’erdi. The three pieces directed by Patiño have the sea as their protagonist, which is one of the main themes of the festival this year.

“In these pieces, I was trying to explore contemplation of the night sea as transition into dream. The idea was based on some video installations I made last year in which I distorted the image with crystals and prisms to achieve a greater degree of abstraction, which made it more unreal. My intention is to convey an eerie, dreamlike sensation, between wakefulness and sleep, where the image of the distant sea rocking us merges in with that of the dream until it makes us fall asleep." Lois Patiño

Patiño will visit Pamplona and present his 2013 film “Costa da Morte”, which is part of the retrospective An Oceanic Feeling.

In 2020 Punto de Vista is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the X Films project. Under the name of X FILMS X, the festival has created a programme together with the Instituto Cervantes that includes the screening of the ten films produced by the festival since 2010, with the presence of their directors, the publishing of a catalogue and the screening of these films in Instituto Cervantes all over the world. The festival has produced a trailer with images of these ten films shot in Navarre.

Another trailer presents the 23 films of the Official Selection, shorts and feature films selected from more than 1,000 sent.

Another piece has been produced to introduce the content of the retrospective titled ‘An Oceanic Feeling’, curated by Erika Balsom, a professor at King’s College London. There are six programmes of films related to the sea, from 1920s films by Jean Epstein to recent works by Peggy Ahwesh, Filipa César or Mati Diop.

The retrospective dedicated to the German filmmakers Ute Aurand, Renate Sami and Helga Fanderl and the Chilean Jeannette Muñoz will also have one of the introductory trailers for the sections of the festival.

Finally, the video made by the participants in the ‘Cartas filmadas’ workshop can also be seen on the festival’s channels. In this workshop, which is part of the educational programme of Punto de Vista 2020, the Navarrese filmmaker Marina Lameiro worked with children on 8th and 15th February on the writing and creation of audiovisual letters. The participants created a letter together like a message in a bottle and went out and created their own material based on the theme they chose in the workshop.

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