Punto de Vista will be at the National Gallery of Art in Washington from 7th to 13th October

Punto de Vista will be at the National Gallery of Art in Washington from 7th to 13th October
María Palacios Cruz, Garbiñe Ortega, Dani Sanchis, Ute Aurand and Helga Fanderl

The centre will showcase a programme around the authors featured in the retrospective of the 14th festival,  who were also the subject of this year's publication.


The National Gallery of Art in Washington has programmed the series ‘Highlights from Punto de Vista, 2020’ for this October, focusing on one of the retrospectives screened during the last edition of the festival and highlighting the personalities and the relationships between three German and one Chilean filmmakers: Ute Aurand, Helga Fanderl, Jeannette Muñoz and Renate Sami, who were also the subject of this year's publication, Meditaciones sobre el presente (Meditations on the Present), co-edited by Garbiñe Ortega and María Palacios Cruz.


The series, which is to run online from 7th to 13th October, will feature three films by each of the artists, showing the inter-generational relations between the four of them that go beyond the purely cinematic. 




Ute Aurand: Am Meer – Kopfüber im Geäst – Four Diamonds

Helga Fanderl: Leopard – Gläser – Strom

Jeannette Muñoz: Envío for Helga Fanderl (24) – Strata of Natural History – Puchuncaví

Renate Sami: Wenn du eine Rose siehst – Die Schutzfolie – Cape Cod


The publication will also be available in The Gallery Shop, and remains on sale together with the rest of the Punto de Vista collection.

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