Contactos, the new Punto de Vista section that opens up to other disciplines

Contactos, the new Punto de Vista section that opens up to other disciplines

This latest announcement, which includes a free hand, performances and the world première of a documentary about the work of Elena Asins in collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, completes the festival programme

There is less than a month to go before the start of the sixteenth edition of the Punto de Vista festival - promoted by the government of Navarra and organised by the public company NICDO - which now completes its programme with the announcement of a new section: Contactos.

Contactos opens up film to other art forms and knowledge-based activities falling into the category of science. This is particularly relevant to documentary film, which by definition is oriented towards thought and knowledge, and which shares with other contemporary art forms and interest in exploring reality. The section takes its name from one of the most radical, mould-breaking films in the history of Spanish cinema, Contactos (Paulino Viota, 1970), featured in the first Heterodocsias Rewind at the Festival, in 2010.

Like this, Punto de Vista offers carte blanche to Fernando Gandasegui to create and propose a performing arts programme — one of the most fertile directions in the most recent editions of the festival, begun by the previous artistic director, Garbiñe Ortega, and kept up by the current programming committee in this new section. To do this the artist, curator and researcher has set out from one of this year's topics for reflection, rivers, the focus of one of this year's two retrospectives. Fernando Gandasegui's proposal is entitled Desbordes: otra historia del ojo [Overflows: Another History of the Eye].

The festival also hosts a screening and series of performances by Bruno Delgado Ramo, Esperanza Collado, Paula Guerrero and Javier Montero. Entitled Acciones para la pantalla [Actions for the Screen], this programme reflects on the screen as geometry and the basic element of film. All these activities are to take place in the Museo Oteiza.

Finally, in collaboration with the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, the festival includes the world première of Aquí no hay nada que comprender [Nothing to Understand Here], a documentary about the work of Elena Asins (1940-2015), an artist from Madrid who lived for many years in Azpirotz (Navarra). Also to be shown in Líneas y Puntos [Lines and Dots] (2010), one of Asins' many creations together with her partner, composer Gorka Alda. The piece has been chosen by Gorka himself for the occasion.

Punto de Vista will announce the full programme and tickets are to go on sale to the general public on Thursday 3rd March. The period for professionals and audiovisual students to apply for passes will remain open until the same date, on the festival website,

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