Punto de Vista 2022 Winners

Punto de Vista 2022 Winners

Pascale Bodet's Baleh-baleh wins the Grand Prize for Best Film in a list of films directed mostly by female filmmakers.


The international jury of the sixteenth Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, made up of Marina Vinyes Albes, Roger Koza y Christopher Small, after watching the entries in the Official Section, has decided to award the following prizes:

Official prizes

► The Punto de Vista Grand Prize for Best Film, worth 10,000 euros, goes to Baleh-baleh by Pascale Bodet.

Jury statement:

An old Asian tale is the catalyst for this beautiful portrait of a beloved friend, a beaten-down soul unafraid to speak honestly about his desires and disappointments with those he loves, even with all the tension that brings. A gorgeous, meandering dialogue that continually reveals one startling thing after another; a dialogue that reaches out to the vision of the surrounding natural world and in which a dog called Joël, without saying a word, accompanies as an essential and silent interlocutor.

► The Jean Vigo prize for Best Director, worth 5,000 euros, goes to Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47KM by Mengqi Zhang.

Jury statement:

Cinema made in everyday life, with each aspect something to be mastered — like the tools lying around the farm of 47KM. Miraculous moments accumulate, others overflow with messy, madcap invention. A truly unique film that charts a path for a new kind of democratic cinema.

► The prize for Best Short, worth 3,000 euros, goes to To Pick a Flower by Shireen Seno.

Jury statement:

A truly fragile work: a gentle interplay of archival images and black screen, a slightly cracked voice speaking precisely about what we see, detailing an off-screen history in fits and bursts.

Special prizes

► The special audience prize for Best Film, worth 1,650 euros, goes to 918 GAU by Arantza Santesteban.

► The Youth Prize for Best Film, worth 1,500 euros, goes to Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47KM by Mengqi Zhang.

Youth Jury statement:

Starting from an everyday context, the film generates a self-portrait that is created collectively, through relationships and their links with the landscape. A film that proposes new ways of making and looking from the audiovisual.

Special commendations

► Special Jury Commendation (in the category of Best Film) for Evangelio mayor by Javier Codesal.

► Special Jury Commendation (in the category of Best Film) for 918 GAU by Arantza Santesteban.

X Films

► Finally, after due deliberation, the jury for the X FILMS PROJECT 2022 –Miquel Martí Freixas y Catarina Boieiro– who found out about the three projects in writing and then at a public presentation by their authors – Blanca Camell Galí, Hugo Amoedo and Magdalena Orellana– decided to select Renacuajos by Blanca Camell, for the X Films Project.

X Films Jury statement:

For her essayistic proposal that relates in a sensorial and evocative way the creation of images, their family transmission and the layers of memory. A suggestive reflection on the means of capturing the real that shape memories, based on an intimate story -lived and to be lived in Navarra- that explores the passage from girl to woman and motherhood.

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