Punto de Vista announces its educational programme to go on shaping new audiences

Punto de Vista announces its educational programme to go on shaping new audiences

Workshops for children at Civivox, a short film screening for families at Golem cinemas, the Jóvenes Programadores x Punto de Vista scheme for young programmers and a session for students at the Filmoteca de Navarra make up this year's educational programme.

The Punto de Vista festival keeps up its commitment to the Navarrese community this year by continuing to shape young audiences through the ideas in its educational programme. This section seeks to open up a space for dialogue to boost audiovisual awareness and appreciation through a range of activities aimed at audiences of children and young people of different ages, to take place from mid-February up to the dates of the festival itself, scheduled for 14th to 19th March. More venues are to host the educational programme this year. Regular venues like the Civivox network and the Filmoteca de Navarra, with programmes prepared in cooperation with the library service, are now joined by Golem cinemas.

Thus, two workshops will be organised for children aged 6 to 12 on 12th and 26th February at Civivox Mendillori and Civivox Condestable respectively, a directed film session for families with children from 6 upwards at Golem cinemas on the morning of 19th march, the above-mentioned Jóvenes Programadores x Punto de Vista scheme aimed at young people from 15 to 19 years old who want to learn how to programme a film festival, and finally the session with films and a chance to meet their directors for primary and secondary school pupils to be run at the Filmoteca de Navarra.



1.1. Retratos de Mendillorri. El instante mágico de la impresión / Portraits of Mendillori: The Instant Magic of Printing

This workshop aimed at children aged from 6 to 12 will explore the mechanisms that make it possible to print an image to create photographs based on natural elements the group taking part can find around Mendillori lake. With light-sensitive paper, an object and a little light they can create fascinating photographs. Run by the Drac Màgic collective.

Practical information. Saturday 12th February at Civivox Mendillori. Two sessions: from 10.00 to 11.30am and from 12.00 to 1.30pm. Aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old. Enrolment at the end of January at www.pamplonaescultura.es/civivox.

1.2. Imágenes para el planeta. Montajes audiovisuales ecologistas / Pictures for the Planet: Ecologist Audiovisual Editing

Through a piece of technological genius, the Mash Up Table, the group will be able to find out how film editing works in a cooperative, creative way, as if it were a game. Archive footage will be used to experiment by altering the order, the music, sound effects or voice to create little cinematic games about the future of our planet. This will also involve the Drac Màgic collective.

Practical information. Saturday 26th February at Civivox Condestable. Two sessions: from 10.00 to 11.30am and from 12.00 to 1.30pm. Aimed at children from 6 to 12 years old. Enrolment at the end of January at www.pamplonaescultura.es/civivox.


On the morning of Saturday 19th March the Descubriendo el mundo (Discovering the World) programme is to be organised at Golem cinemas, a screening of short films aimed at families with children and children aged 6 and up, featuring three films whose content will then be analysed and discussed. This series invites audiences to discover characters and places in countries very different from our own. Together with characters like Fatima, Reza and René, those present will ask questions, laugh, doubt and be excited. The session is a hymn to film and music, as well as opening up a space for reflection about our own and other people's emotions, the world of children, the adult world and our relations with nature and the city. The films to be shown are El pan y la calle (The Bread and Alley) by Abbas Kiarostami (10 min), Pequeña luz (Little Light) by Alain Gomis (15 min) and La vuelta a clase (Back to School) by Jacques Rozier (22 min).

Practical information. Saturday 19th March at cinemas Golem. Length: 1h 30min. Aimed at families with children from 6 years upwards. Tickets on sale from March onwards through Golem sales channels and at www.puntodevistafestival.com.

3. JÓVENES PROGRAMADORES X PUNTO DE VISTA (Young Programmers By Punto de Vista)

This recently-announced scheme in partnership with Fundación Caja Navarra will enable a group of young people aged between 15 and 19 to programme and present one of the films at the festival. Six sessions will be held over February and March at which young people will come together to watch a series of films proposed by Punto de Vista and then discuss and comment on them in order to select one to be screened at the festival. The experiment is being organised together with A Bao Qu / Moving Cinema and the film-makers, programmers and teachers Mercedes Álvarez and Arturo Redín.

Practical information. Free enrolment for anybody interested until 24th January, on the festival website, www.puntodevistafestival.com/es/jovenes_programadores.asp.


As in previous years, the festival is organising a session at the Filmoteca de Navarra for school pupils from 4th year secondary (age 15 and up). At the session they will watch two films and take part in a conversation and dialogue between students and film-makers. This year the session is held in partnership with the library service and will be programmed and led by A Bao A Qu as part of Moving Cinema. The films to be screened are Heltzear, by Mikel Gurrea, premièred at the Venice Film Festival where it was the first short in Basque to go into the official competition, and Zerua blu, by Lur Olaizola, presented in the Paisaia section at last year's Punto de Vista. Participants will be able to talk to Gurrea and Olaizola about their creative processes, cinematographic choices and the needs that have driven their films.

Practical information. Thursday 17th March at 12.00 midday at the Filmoteca de Navarra. Aimed at schools for pupils from 4th year secondary (age 15 and up). Schools interested can contact produccion@puntodevistafestival.com.

Punto de Vista, the international documentary film festival of Navarra, is backed by the government of Navarra and organised entirely by the public company NICDO.

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