Punto de Vista announces the 21 films that make up its Official Selection

Punto de Vista announces the 21 films that make up its Official Selection

The 21 films, from 17 different countries, are to be presented at the sixteenth edition of the festival, taking place from 14th to 19th March in Pamplona. The selection, made from over 800 films entered, includes thirteen features and eight shorts.

The Punto de Vista festival - promoted by the government of Navarra and organised by the public company NICDO - today presented its sixteenth edition, to be held in Pamplona from 14th to 19th March. The occasion saw the announcement of one of the most eagerly-awaited parts of the programme: the Official Selection. A total of 21 films from 17 different countries will be screened in the most high-profile, committed part of the festival.

The ten programmes making up this year's Official Selection will be complemented by three films outside the competition. These include the Spanish première of Minamata Mandala, by veteran Japanese film-maker Kazuo Hara, and the films to be shown to open and close festival: Los caballos mueren al amanecer, by Navarrese film-maker Ione Atenea, and Charm Circle, by American director Nira Burstein, respectively.

The films were selected from among over 900 entries and come from countries all over the world including Japan, France, the United States, Spain, Afghanistan, Italy, Argentina, Bosnia, China, Ireland, the Philippines and Cameroon, among others. They were directed by twelve women film-makers and ten men.

The films were selected by the artistic director of the festival, Manuel Asín, together with the rest of the programming committee, made up of Lucía Salas, Miguel Zozaya, Lur Olaizola and Pablo García Canga.

Films in the Official Selection of Punto de Vista 2022:

1. 918 NIGHTS, Arantza Santesteban. Spain. 66’.

2. Baleh-baleh, Pascale Bodet. France. 51’. Spanish première.

3. Charm Circle, Nira Burstein. USA. 79’. Spanish première. Non-competition. Closing session.

4. Greater Gospel, Javier Codesal. Spain. 138’. World première.

5. War, Marta Ramos and José Oliveira. Portugal. 104’. Spanish première.

6. Delphine''s prayers, Rosine Mbakam. Cameroon, Belgium. 91’.

7. Horses Die at Dawn, Ione Atenea. Spain. 81’. World première. Non-competition. Opening session.

8. A thousand cypresses, Luca Ferri. Italy. 13’. Spanish première.

9. Minamata Mandala, Kazuo Hara. Japan. 372’. Spanish première. Non-competition.

10. Narciso, Julio Fermepin. Argentina. 29’. Spanish première.

11. Nenad, Mladen Bundalo. Bosnia, Belgium. 22’. Spanish première.

12. There is no way back home, Yaela Gottlieb. Perú. 71’. European première.

13. Podul de Piatrâ / Pont de Pedra, Artur-Pol Camprubí. Spain. 18’.

14. Saturn and Beyond, Declan Clarke. Ireland. 60’. Spanish première.

15. Self-Portrait: Fairy Tale in 47KM, Mengqi Zhang. China. 109’. Spanish première.

16. Soy libre, Laure Portier. France. 78’. Spanish première.

17. The Balcony Movie, Pawel Lozinski. Poland. 100’. Spanish première.

18. The Capacity for Adequate Anger, Vika Kirchenbauer. Germany. 15’. Spanish première.

19. To Pick a Flower, Shireen Seno. Philippines. 16’. Spanish première.

20. Transparent, I am, Yuri Muraoka. Japan. 12’. Spanish première.

21. untitled part 9: this time, Jayce Salloum. Afghanistan, Canada. 6’. European première.

The seven sections that make up the festival

In general terms, Punto de Vista will be sticking to the regular programme structure of previous years, while introducing some novelties. Thus, it will be organised in seven broad sections, with content to be announced before the festival happens, including familiar ones like the Official Selection, Retrospectives, Contemporary Focuses, the X Films project and the Educational Programme. These will be joined by new sections resulting from the work of the new artistic director and the festival programming committee. They include Lan ("Work" in Basque), to feature a series of public activities linked to production and creative processes, and ContactosContactos, to bring documentary film into contact with other art forms and thought.

The approach being taken to this latest edition of Punto de Vista, both in the different parallel sections and in the Official Selection, combines the broadest, most inclusive view possible with specific attention to the context of the local community.

The Punto de Vista 2022 image: Estereoscopía

Moreover, the image that will represent this year's festival was presented today. Created by the Franziska studio, it is entitled “Estereoscopía”.

This year's image takes its inspiration from a boat race in Roncesvalles, from the river Esca and from the waters of the Arga. A transformational, natural, local theme that is reflected in the festival in the retrospective and that takes its graphical form from a visual resource rather like a lens: sequential images divided into strips that are interlaced to generate a certain effect of movement; two shots in one. To design it, three pairs of stereoscopic images loaned by the Archive of Navarra (AGN) were used.


Punto de Vista continues to strengthen its relations with different institutions and players in the arts industry both nationally and internationally. Regular supporters in previous editions such as ICAA, Acción Cultural Española, Centro Huarte, Pamplona city council through the Civivox network, Fundación Caja Navarra, Filmoteca de Navarra, Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza, NAPAR, Clúster Audiovisual de Navarra and Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola are joined by new travelling companions including Golem, the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, African film festival FCAT, the Centre Cinematographique Marocain, the Navarrese library service and the Festival Scope platform. Also, the participation of associations emerging from the pandemic continues, including Federación Pantalla, La Mesta and Red Ibero Fest.

Youth Jury

One of the identifying traits of Punto de Vista is its ongoing commitment to young people as a fundamental pillar of the festival. The range of activities aimed at this group includes setting up the Youth Jury, which every year awards the Youth Prize for Best Film out of all those in the Official Selection. Anybody aged between 18 and 25 can sign up on the website from now until 21st February.

Punto de Vista, the international documentary film festival of Navarra, is backed by the government of Navarra and organised by the public company NICDO.

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