The Punto de Vista festival opts to be family-friendly by setting up the Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon

The Punto de Vista festival opts to be family-friendly by setting up the Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon
Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon

The festival is to become a family-friendly event by setting up for several days a space for children between six months and twelve years old, available to both accredited people and the general public.

The forthcoming Punto de Vista festival is to be a family-friendly event thanks to the creation of the Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon. This means the festival will have a place for children between six months and twelve years old, open to both accredited atendees and the general public on 17th, 18th and 19th March. This initiative, set up jointly with CIMA, the association of women film-makers and audiovisual media), ICAA and the Parenting at Film Festivals group, will be run by Ludoteka Zorionak Kids & Party.

Part of the Red Balloon Alliance, Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon is an activity aligned with Puxika Gorria, Le Ballon Rouge and Berlinale Kindergarten, the crèches already set up at previous editions of the San Sebastián, Cannes and Berlin festivals.

However, in a pioneering move, Punto de Vista has opted to open its crèche to the general public as well as the professionals attending the festival, in order to become more family-friendly for all its audiences.

Punto de Vista, the international documentary film festival of Navarra, is backed by the government of Navarra and organised by the public company NICDO.



Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon will have a venue equipped in the Baluarte building. The activity will open its doors on Thursday 17th March (from 11.30am to 9.00pm), Friday 18th March (from 11.30am to 8.30pm) and Saturday 19th march (from 10.00am to 7.30pm). Every child signed up can spend up to six consecutive hours with the carers from the company Zorionak Kids & Party, who work in Basque, Spanish and English.

The place will offer a range of activities suited to each age bracket; coordination and balance (bouncy castle, tubes, mats, games of skill and ability), creativity (sensory, recycling, painting, crafts), relaxation (yoga, storytelling, Chinese shadows), construction and logic (board games, construction, mazes) and symbolic games (dressing up, kitchen, market and trains). Basic needs such as hygiene, food and rest for the children will also be catered for.

Places are limited, up to a maximum of 15 children at a time, and will cost €20 for the 3-day pass; €12 for a day ticket (up to 6 hours) and €8 for a half-day ticket (up to 3 hours).

Plus, all enrolments will entitle you to apply for two free tickets for the guided film session for children on Saturday 19th March at 11.30am at Cines Golem. These tickets can be used for the child enrolled or for a member of their family.

You can find out more and enrol at



Punto de Vista Daycare: The Red Balloon

Thursday 17th March from 11.30am to 9.00pm

Friday 18th March from 11.30am to 8.30pm

Saturday 7th March: from 10.00am to 7.30pm


3-day pass: €20

Day ticket: €12

Half-day ticket: €8


* All passes and tickets for the Punto de Vista Daycare will entitle the purchaser, on showing proof of purchase, to apply for two individual invitations at the Festival Box Office for the Punto de Vista Children's Film Session on Saturday at 11.30am at Golem Baiona, subject to availability of seats.

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