Punto de Vista 2023 Winners

Punto de Vista 2023 Winners

Colectivo Silencio’s El polvo ya no nubla nuestros ojos wins the Grand Prize for Best Fils

The international jury of the seventeenth Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, made up of Ángel Santos Touza, Hama Haruka and Marcos Uzal, after watching the entries in the Official Section has decided to award the following prizes:

Official prizes

► The Punto de Vista Grand Prize for Best Film, worth 10,000 euros, goes to El polvo ya no nubla nuestros ojos by Colectivo Silencio.

Jury statement:

A film that unites past and present, in its cinematographic form as in its political anger. A "ciné-tract" made by a collective to better assert the need to unite struggles and make cinema a collective weapon.

► The Jean Vigo prize for Best Director, worth 5,000 euros, goes to Notre Village by Comes Chahbazian.

Jury statement:

A surprising film in the way it changes form along the way, confronting history while giving itself time for poetry, with an astonishing gentleness in its evocation of violence, and a rare sense of framing and editing.

► The prize for Best Short, worth 3,000 euros, goes to Eventide by Sharon Lockhart.

Jury statement:

A single 30-minute shot, as sublime as it is mysterious, in which the beauties of nature (sky, sea, land, vegetation...) and the foundations of cinema are displayed: light and darkness, time and space.


Special prizes

► The special audience prize for Best Film, worth 1,650 euros, goes to Maayo Wonaa Keerol by Alassane Diago.

► The Youth Prize for Best Film, worth 1,500 euros, goes to Éclaireuses by Lydie Wisshaupt-Claudel.

Youth Jury statement:

In a universe apart from ours, a small school allows us to imagine an unimaginable reality. Two devoted teachers who, against all odds and without ceasing to question themselves, give rise to an alternative reality, another possible future.

A vehemently political film, which never ceases to surprise, and which, without fear of showing uncomfortable images, sets us an example of how to face our current crisis.


Special commendations

► Special Jury Commendation (in the category of Best Film) for Apocalipsis 20 21 22 by Julius Richard Tamayo.

Jury statement:

A crazy but highly structured film diary, solitary but densely populated, mystical but full of youthful insolence, which recaptures the vitality of psychedelic cinema in response to a world gripped by immobility and death.


X Films

► After due deliberation, the jury –Gloria Vilches, Marian Fernández Pascal and Ramiro Ledo– wishes to recognise first and foremost the value and originality of the three projects submitted –Daniela Delgado Viteri, Illan Serruya and Anna López Luna–. For its critical and socially committed look at a place, a tradition and a series of myths rooted in our culture, which is both plastic and affective, the jury have decided that the X Films 2023 award will go to TRÁNSITOS by Anna Lopez Luna.

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