Punto de Vista 2024 Winners

Punto de Vista 2024 Winners

Kumjana Novakova’s Silence of Reason wins the Grand Prize for Best Film

The international jury of the eighteenth Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, made up of Ruth Somalo, Jorge Villacorta and Ainara Elgoibar, after watching the entries in the Official Section has decided to award the following prizes:


Official prizes

► The Punto de Vista Grand Prize for Best Film, worth 10,000 euros, goes to Silence of Reason by Kumjana Novakova.

Jury statement:

For giving an extraordinary, sober cinematic form to forensic evidence for court use that for the first time includes the crime of rape as a form of torture and sexual slavery as a crime against humanity. It uncovers a local geography of violence that appeals on a universal level and inevitably reminds us of the present and today's wars, like those currently raging in Ukraine and Gaza, for example.

► The Jean Vigo prize for Best Director, worth 5,000 euros, goes to Ôte-toi de mon soleil by Messaline Raverdy.

Jury statement:

Ôte-toi de mon soleil cristalizes a generous process of learning from one another that director Messaline and the protagonist, Joseph, go through. Order and disorder find a singular and precious equilibrium in both the cinematic plane and the quotidian. A film that reminds us that certain mental mechanisms have their origin in systemic violence and that there is beauty in complex, divergent thought. We are also reminded that mutual care is a political act and that everyone shares the need to love and be loved.

► The prize for Best Short, worth 3,000 euros, goes to Avalancha by Daniel Cortés Ramírez.

Jury statement:

Avalancha is a sensory journey through the historic, recurrent violence in Columbia and the ways it is recorded, to the beat of an outstanding sound design. A work that proposes the collective duel as an expression and a weapon of resistance. Also a collective effort, in compiling archive material that, once edited, goes far beyond the conventional imagination.


Special prizes

► The special audience prize for Best Film, worth 1,650 euros, goes to El Canto de los Años Nuevos by Alexander Cabeza Trigg.

► The Youth Prize for Best Film, worth 1,500 euros, goes to Silence of Reason by Kumjana Novakova.

Youth Jury statement:

Our deliberations started out with three films: Radiance, The World is Family and Silence of reason. There was a lot of discussion, especially between The World is Family and Silence of reason, because it is hard to apply the same criteria to such different films. Finally, by a clear majority, the winner stood out for both its form and its content. We thought it was highly necessary to make room for the topic it deals with, the approach and the way it is shown. By negating the image and without slipping into visual pornography, as it would be easy to do in this case, it expresses and communicates the realities it deals with.


Special commendations

► Special Jury Commendation (in the category of Best Film) for La rivière by Dominique Marchais.

Jury statement:

«Les graves» in La Rivière make up a complex web of relations between different dimensions of human and natural activity. An urgent, exhaustive exploration that appeals to responsibility, a proposition from the standpoint of those who work and strive to conserve it in the medium and long term.

► Special Jury Commendation (in the category of Best Director) for Corazón embalsamado by Julieta Seco.

Jury statement:

For a beautiful, fresh autobiographical essay that finds a language of its own using soft focus, generating an aura of anticipation and mystery around the patriarchal violence that threatens the protagonist.

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