Punto de Vista is putting the finishing touches to its eighteenth edition which will be held in Pamplona from 11 to 16 March

Punto de Vista is putting the finishing touches to its eighteenth edition which will be held in Pamplona from 11 to 16 March

The general public can buy tickets right now on the festival website.

The eighteenth edition of Punto de Vista was presented this morning. This refers to Pamplona’s International Documentary Film Festival promoted by the Government of Navarre and organised by the public company NICDO. The presentation was attended by Rebeca Esnaola —Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism at the Government of Navarre, Manuel Asín —artistic director of Punto de Vista— and Teresa Morales de Álava —the executive director of Punto de Vista. The festival will be held at various venues throughout Pamplona from 11 to 16 March.

The general public can buy tickets right now on the www.puntodevistafestival.com website. Tickets can also be purchased at the Baluarte box office, as the main venue for the festival, and will also be sold in the foyer during the week of Punto de Vista. The general admission price is 3 euros per session, except for a few events which are free of charge. For six days, film-lovers from the city and surrounding area will rub shoulders with documentary film-makers and professionals, alongside film students from all over Spain.


Key figures for Punto de Vista 2024

— During the festival, a total of 65 sessions will be held, including screenings and other activities.

Around 80 films will be screened across the various sections.

— The programme is organised into 6 major sections: Official Selection, In focus, Lan, Contacts, X Films and the Mediation program.

— The Official Selection comprises 23 films from 15 different countries: Argentina, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Colombia, South Korea, Cuba, Denmark, Spain, United States, France, India, Japan, North Macedonia and Peru.

Around 70 guests have been invited to take part in the screenings and activities at Punto de Vista 2024 with a high proportion of international profiles: film-makers, programming managers, curators, etc.

Over 380 people have already received their accreditation, including professionals, students and journalists. The online accreditation period has now closed, although you can request your pass at the desk in the Baluarte foyer during the festival.

6 venues will host the activities: Baluarte, Golem cinemas, Oteiza Museum, Civivox Condestable, Civivox Mendillorri and the Navarre Film Library.


Festival itineraries provide another way of approaching Punto de Vista.

This edition is bringing the brand-new idea of a series of itineraries —Primera persona, Género(s), Planeta enfermo, Acércate a Punto de Vista— cutting across the different sections. These are collections criss-crossing the programme, concerned by the same issues or, in the latter case, inviting visitors to discover the festival for the first time. Memory, individualism, inequalities, feminism, queer bodies or the climate emergency, among other topics, are portrayed in the festival’s various films which have been included in these itineraries.


Opening and closing ceremonies: from Zinzindurrunkarratz to María Marín’s concert for guitar and song.

Punto de Vista will kick off on Monday, 11 March with Navarre’s first ever showing of Zinzindurrunkarratz, the multi-award-winning film by Navarre’s own Oskar Alegria, the festival’s artistic director between 2013 and 2017. This screening has already sold out, although there are still a few tickets left for a session in Basque that will be held in the afternoon of Wednesday, 13 March.

Regarding the closing ceremony, the Baluarte’s Main Auditorium will host the festival awards ceremony followed by a screening of de caballos y guitarras by Pedro G. Romero, a stunning musical film where the sensitivity of guitars played by artists such as Raül Refree, Pepe el Habichuela or Pilar Monsell combines with the majesty of mares and stallions such as Triana, Onkaia or Víktor K. The session will be presented by the film-maker himself, ending with a concert featuring the guitar and voice of Seville’s own María Marín who will join this unique experience to round off the festival.


The programme at a glance

This year, Punto de Vista is divided into six sections: the Official Selection which comprises a total of twenty-three films from fifteen different countries; In Focus, single-theme sessions through which Punto de Vista focuses its gaze on international film-makers —Su Friedrich (USA) and Joël Akafou (Ivory Coast)— plus a cycle programmed by Miriam Martín who investigates the role of trees in documentary cinema; the Mediation Programme, which continues to open the festival up to all types of audiences throughout the city, particularly young people; Lan (meaning work in the Basque language), which generates spaces to think about creation and production in documentary cinema; Contacts, which aims to connect it with other disciplines and which this year features the figures of Jerome Hiler and Néstor Basterretxea; and the X Films project, which on this occasion is nominating Celia Viada Caso as its film-maker to shoot a film in Navarre and will premiere Tránsitos, the personal view of the San Fermin festival which Anna López Luna shot in Super 8.


Conciliation is possible: El Globo Rojo Play Centre

Over the last few editions, Punto de Vista has set up a conciliation initiative called the Punto de Vista El Globo Rojo play centre. In this way, the audience, accredited professionals and the actual festival team will be able to make use of this space for boys and girls aged between six months and twelve years old from the afternoon of Wednesday, 13 March to Saturday, 16 March. Thanks to working with CIMA (Association of female film-makers and audiovisual media) and the Parenting at Film Festivals collective, this intends to make it easier for everyone to enjoy the programme. El Globo Rojo will be run by staff from Ludoteka Zorionak Kids & Party. You can book a place now via the festival website.


Punto de Vista Nights and Radio 3 programmes

The festival programme also includes a series of concerts, DJ sessions and radio shows featuring live music, working with the Navarra Music Commission, Txintxarri and Radio 3. Punto de Vista Nights gives audiences the chance to soak up the talent of various local artists such as Mon Dvy, DJ Rizos, Señora, DJ Moderno or Brecha, who will perform in Bar Txintxarri every night from Tuesday to Friday.

Alternatively, in the afternoons of Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 March, Radio 3 will record two of its Tres en la Carretera programmes from the foyer of the Baluarte. Interviews with film-makers taking part in the festival will be interwoven with performances from the Basque film-maker and musician Peru Galbete and local band Lilo, who will present songs from their recently-released debut, Nora Goazen Jakin Gabe.


Our partners

Aware of the importance of broadening its range, Punto de Vista continues to work with a network of national and international institutions. Consequently, this event has maintained the support provided in previous editions by ICAA, Acción Cultural Española, Centro Huarte, Pamplona City Council through the Civivox network, Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza, EiTB, Instituto Navarro de la Juventud, Carné Joven, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Cineteca, Filmoteca de Galicia, Filmoteca Valenciana, Navarra Music Commission, Institut Français, Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola, Golem, the Courtisane, Viennale, FID Marseille and Cinéma du Réel festivals, the Harvard Film Archive, and the Festival Scope Pro platform. Furthermore, new entities and initiatives are coming on board such as Japan Foundation, Docs & Talks, Fundación SGAE and the festival is joining the celebration of Néstor Basterretxea’s centenary.

We should also mention the boost from professional networks, devising activities, encounters or work sessions with partners such as NAPAR, Doklab Navarra, CIMA, (H)emen, Spain Film Commission or REDCau.

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