Punto de Vista proposes Celia Viada Caso as ‘X Films filmmaker’ in the next edition of the Festival after she shoots a film in Navarre

Punto de Vista proposes Celia Viada Caso as ‘X Films filmmaker’ in the next edition of the Festival after she shoots a film in Navarre

This year X Films will premiere Tránsitos, Anna López Luna's personal vision of the festivity of Sanfermines, filmed in Super 8

Punto de Vista renews its ‘X Films’ section for another year. It is one of the Festival’s most iconic and unique sections, in which the festival becomes a film producer. Each year, a documentary essay project is selected to be filmed in Navarre to help to enrich audiovisual creation in the region. The initiative takes its name from a local production company founded by Juan Huarte in 1963 with the idea of producing films that "have a singular artistic interest", a company in which artists such as Jorge Oteiza, Néstor Basterretxea, Rafael Ruiz Balerdi or José Antonio Sistiaga, as well as many other creators, took their first steps in filmmaking. Recovering that spirit of patronage, the festival sets out to give filmmakers the opportunity to create something and, at the same time, bring new voices from the non-fiction scene to Navarre.

Until 2023, a jury chose one project from three invited filmmakers or groups. In this year's edition, Punto de Vista proposes a direct commission: filmmaker Celia Viada Caso has been invited to develop a project that will be shot over the course of 2024 and will premiere at the 19th edition of the Festival. She has also been invited to an artistic residency in a partnership with Centro Huarte that will allow her to deepen her research and establish a more deeply-rooted relationship with the local community. The residency will take place at Centro Huarte from February, and the results of the research will be presented in the next edition of Punto de Vista.

Celia Viada Caso was born in Madrid in 1991 although she has close family links with Asturias, where she has carried out a large part of her filmmaking. His first feature film, La calle del agua (2020), won several awards at the Gijón Festival. She presented her latest short film - Gregoria (2023) - there last year. Both are posthumous portraits of women in rural areas of Asturias. During the festival, the public will be able to attend two sessions with the filmmaker present: one in which she will present the conclusions of her research during the residency, and another in which some of her previous films will be screened, followed by a Q&A session.


Project X Films 2023: Tránsitos

The film that will be premiered this year at Punto de Vista as part of X Films will be Tránsitos (Spain, 2023) by Anna López Luna, a visual artist born in Barcelona in 1983. Anna studied at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art de Paris Cergy and lives and works between France and Spain. She was artist-in-residence at Casa de Velázquez in Madrid in 2021 and 2022 and has exhibited and screened her work at the Lambert Collection in Avignon, MABA in Nogent sur Marne, FRAC Brittany, Octubre Centre de Cultura Contemporánea in Valencia, the Jafre Biennial, Tabakalera in San Sebastian, Les Ateliers sauvages in Algiers, Bilbao Arte, Westfälischer Kunstverein in Münster, Mudam in Luxembourg, Centre Civic de San Andreu and La Casa de la Paraula in Barcelona, among other venues.

"Tránsitos arises from an urge to film the fiesta of Sanfermines in Super 8. Pamplona becomes a theatre in which everyone is dressed in white and red, and where everything seems to revolve around the breathing of the bull: a portrait of the decadence of one world and the birth of another."

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