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Punto de Vista Collection
Punto de Vista 2017 Prizewinners
Punto de Vista 2017 Prizewinners
After watching all of the works presented to the Official Section – The Central Region, and following the opportune deliberations, the official Jury of the 11th edition of the Navarra Punto de Vista International Documentary Film Festival, made up of Alain Fleischer, Vivi Tellas, Aleksandr Balagura, Toby Lee and Daniele Dottorini, decided to award the following prizes:

Punto de Vista Award for Best Film, with 10,000 euros in prize money, to THE HOST by Miranda Pennell, “for its ability to trace a film journey from the personal to the political context, delving into a colonial story whose consequences are still present today. For its formal rigour and use of archival material, represents an important boost to contemporary film”. 

Jean Vigo Award for the Best Director, with 5,000 euros in prize money, to LA DEUXIÉME NUIT by ERIC Pauwels, “for working with diverse materials and styles, and giving them unity. And for his ability to relate film memory, words and images as a proposal of poetic freedom”. 

Award for Best Short Film, with 3,000 euros in prize money, to FOYER by Ismaïl Bahri, “because it is elegant in its simplicity and economy of resources. Its minimalism reflects geopolitical questions on a larger scale and the social potential of film. A whole range of images are produced from a blank screen”. 


Special Public Award for the Best Film, with 1,500 euros in prize money, to CONVERSE, by David Arratibel.

Youth Award for the Best Film, with 1,500 euros in prize money, to 5 OCTOBER by MARTIN KOLLAR, “for the use of everyday objects to reflect key moments in the story that is being told, for treating the audience with respect and intelligence and because we feel that it speaks to a group of people who are starting to face the problems of life without teaching or demanding anything”. 


On the other hand, following the opportune deliberations, the members of the Selection Committee of the X Films Project, Sergio Oksman, Iván Pintor and Victor Candeias, who learned about the three projects in writing and then in a public presentation by their authors, María Cañas, Pilar Monsell and Omar A. Razzak, decided to award the X Films Project to MARÍA CAÑAS, “for her ability to recognise expressive procedures of the contemporary audiovisual languages and take them to a film essay. For her attention to rituals and behaviours and questioning them through audiovisual means. For the project’s profound registration in the history and heritage of Navarra and, more specifically, the city of Pamplona. For its popular vocation and the specific desire to reach the broadest possible audience”.  This Selection Committee would also like to highlight the “high quality of the proposals received and their attention to formal innovation”.  


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