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Punto de Vista Collection
Punto de Vista 2018 to focus on the intersection of languages and artists concerned with the real
Punto de Vista 2018 to focus on the intersection of languages and artists concerned with the real
The Navarra film festival has a new artistic director, renewed design and a cooperation project with venues and communities in Pamplona

TThe Punto de Vista Navarra International Documentary Film Festival, organised by the Directorate-General for Culture and NICDO, is having its 12th edition from 5 to 10 March 2018, with Garbiñe Ortega as new artistic director, a position she was appointed to in April this year.

The programme of Punto de Vista 2018, to be held at the Navarra Conference Centre and Concert Hall, Baluarte, will focus on the intersection of languages and artists concerned with the real in a new section, DOKBIZIA. The festival’s book and a retrospective will be dedicated to exchanges between filmmakers. In an effort to be closer to the city where it takes place, Punto de Vista will offer activities at the Planetarium and other venues in town. Finally, the festival’s aesthetic concept and design have been renewed, as can be seen in the poster, the logo, the website or the catalogue.

Along with Garbiñe Ortega, a new team of international representatives and programmers is coming to Pamplona to choose the films for the Official Selection. As many as 867 have been entered. The prizes will be the same as in past editions: Punto de Vista Grand Prix for Best Film, Jean Vigo Prize for Best Director, Best Short Film, People’s Choice Award and Youth Award.

Garbiñe Ortega (Vitoria-Gasteiz, producer and curator) has designed a festival that will go even deeper into avant-garde documentary film: ‘A space for reflection and for the screening of films with a marked hybrid or mixed character. The programme reflects the festival’s commitment to pluralism and heterogeneity by affirming what’s alive, hybrid and ordinary. In addition to the Official Selection, the retrospective and the special sections, there will be space for other artistic activities and formats: performing conferences, stage productions and site-specific events gathering visual artists, choreographers, philosophers and filmmakers to discuss and rethink the forms of the real from the complexity of the present.’

Every year, for seven days, Pamplona becomes the nerve centre of the global documentary film sector, screening film productions from all over the world that show reality in a variety of ways from their own, independent and much needed points of view. The Punto de Vista Official Selection is open to a wide range of non-fiction film styles and registers. Punto de Vista is one of the earliest film festivals held throughout the year, showing the best films from the past season and some of the most interesting upcoming productions.

The festival is governed by an unambiguous principle: showing those films that go off the beaten path, and do so with a clear ethical commitment. Everything else, both in form and content, is free. The members of the Punto de Vista Jury assess films for their quality and creativity, and, above all, for their ability to – in the words of Jean Vigo – ‘open our eyes and help us see beyond the obvious.’

‘Maris Posan’, by Dani Sanchis
The poster illustrating Punto de Vista 2018 is quite different from those of past editions, which were based in filmmaker portraits. The 12th edition poster is a collage – an old technique and yet a modern mix of styles and forms, a radical intervention of a photograph and everything it stands for. The collage shows three points of view (gender: feminine; number: plural) and three heads replaced by butterfly wings, expressing the desire that the festival’s films literally blow our minds.

About the artist
Dani Sanchis (Dénia, 1976) set up his own design, graphic communication and illustration studio in 2002. He specialises in poster and book design, corporate identity, visual communication, branding, website development, illustration and collage. His studio carries out all kinds of cultural projects in the areas of film, publishing, press and marketing. His designs stand out for their consistency, functionality, simplicity, aesthetics, attention to detail and social responsibility. To Dani Sanchis, visual language is an essential medium for communication, offering countless possibilities.
Sanchis’s designs emerge from his walks, observations, findings, studies, and decisions to do or not to do something as a means of resistance. He is both a graphic designer and a visual artist, specialising in collage, assemblage and similar techniques.

Punto de Vista is launching its 12th edition volunteer campaign. Volunteers will be required to perform tasks in the areas of movie theatre assistance, press and communication, guest assistance, information and visitor service.

If you are interested in joining our volunteers, click on the link below.

If you are interested in being a member of our Youth Jury, click on the link below.


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