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Punto de Vista Collection
Special sessions at Punto de Vista present the latest in Basque-Navarrese documentary and a homage to Barbara Hammer
Special sessions at Punto de Vista present the latest in Basque-Navarrese documentary and a homage to Barbara Hammer

Isaki Lacuesta is to run a screening with live audio intervention at the closing event and there will be a chance to see “Zumiriki” in Basque

Paisaia brings together the most recent and daring films of Basque-Navarran documentary production; a sample of works proposed as an open exercise of aesthetic and narrative exploration. This year, the selection of titles question the concept of memory. Each filmmaker addresses different acceptations – intimate, family, and historical memory – and from their aesthetic or narrative representation, they delve into the human need to set memory in the form of a story, or to manipulate it through film and writing.

Two programmes will be screened: the feature-length “Enero”, by Ione Atenea from Pamplona, showing for the first time in Navarra, and a session with the shorts “Para ver lo que quiero ver necesito más que los ojos” by Arnau Padilla, “Ura sartu zen barrera” by Peru Galbete, “Xulia” by Lur Olaizola, “Medvedek” by Ainhoa Gutiérrez and “Labo” by Jesús María Palacios.

Barbara Hammer has helped, over eighty films, to write the history of feminist cinema. With her sensual exploration of lesbian identity, she confronted the dominant narrative and proposed new ways of telling about sexuality and the body. The writer and activist So Mayer describes her as an experimental pioneer who put lesbian life on screen. “Hammer defined lesbian cinema almost single-handed, with the double strength of her formal experimentation and her political commitment. Her generosity of spirit, intellect and embodiment lives on in the films she made that changed the landscape not only of cinema, but of our queer lives and histories.” One year after her death, Punto de Vista pays tribute, with a special session, to this essential artist, who the festival was honoured to host in person in 2007.

One programme will be screened with the short films “Audience”, “Dyketactics”, “Generations” and “Bent Time”, presented by Marta Selva, founder and former director of the Mostra de Cinema de Dones in Barcelona and ex-head of the Institut Català de les Dones.

As announced previously, the opening film will be “Zumiriki”, by Oskar Alegria. The artistic director of Punto de Vista from 2013 to 2017 will be presenting his latest work, premiered at the 2019 Venice Festival and showing for the first time in Navarra at Punto de Vista 2020. Moreover, on Saturday 7th March there will be a second showing, of the original version in Basque with English subtitles.

The closing session will feature a screening with a live audio intervention by Isaki Lacuesta, accompanied by the audio work of Amanda Villavieja. In “Para estar aquí y allá al mismo tiempo”, the Catalan director brings together footage of, Russia, Cuba, Qatar, Mexico, Spain and the local neighbourhood, based on "images I have seen and filmed, that remind me of other images I have never seen or filmed." A session that will begin by reminding us that cinema always allows us to live in two moments and in two different spaces at the same time, and that will end in a celebration of Pamplona as a space for poetic inspiration.


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