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Tamara García Iglesias, Irati Gorostidi and Elisa Celda, candidates at this year's X Films 2021
Tamara García Iglesias, Irati Gorostidi and Elisa Celda, candidates at this year's X Films 2021

The three film-makers are the candidates on the X Films programme this year. One of them will be commissioned to create an audiovisual essay in Navarra.

The Punto de Vista festival has chosen three women to represent the best in new non-fiction film in Spain. Tamara García Iglesias, Irati Gorostidi and Elisa Celda are to star in the 11th edition of the X Films project at the Punto de Vista festival.

The candidate selected will have to carry out her project in the course of this year, as a personal essay lasting at least 20 minutes. X Films has two aims. One the one hand, it sets out to offer new film-makers the chance to create a new piece of work, and at the same time, every year it seeks to bring new voices on the documentary scene to the Navarra region.

Each film-maker will present their project to the jury in a session open to accredited festival attendees. At another session open to the public, previous work will be screened to show the special character of each film-maker, their concerns and their view of the world. After these two sessions the jury will choose the winning project, which will be executed over 2021 and premiered at Punto de Vista 2022.

Also, the festival is to host the world premiere of Tengan cuidado ahí fuera (Take Care Out There), a project by Alberto Gracia selected at Punto de Vista 2020. The film-maker has just announced a synopsis of the film: Shut up in his workplace, where the same happens every day, Cosme is warned by his equipment how dangerous everything is outside, where bad people can put an end to his projects.

Biographies of the candidates

Tamara García Iglesias (Lasarte, 1978) directed the International Short Film Festival in Aguilar de Campoo for five years. She has directed the films Las voces, Utah, Txalaka, El cuerpo de la mujer sin sombra and Paraíso. She has also participated in different cultural management projects (Programme ELLAS 2017, MACBA Buenos Aires; Imágenes Secuenciadas 2021, Artegunea Kutxa) and in the creation of the film production company Atekaleun, along with sound artist Xabier Erkizia, with whom she has directed the short film Ferreyra and produced the experimental feature-length film O Gemer (Xabier Erkizia, 2021).

Irati Gorostidi Agirretxe (Eguesibar, 1988) is a filmmaker. She studied art and film in Bilbao and Barcelona, and was a Fulbright scholar in New York. She is currently finishing her first work of fiction, the short film Unicornio, and working on her first full-length film, Anekumen. For the latter project, she obtained a research residency at the Huarte Contemporary Art Centre and an Ikertu research grant from the Basque Government, and was selected for the Tabakalera Contemporary Culture Centre’s NOKA mentoring programme. Her films Pasaia Bitartean (2016) and Euritan (2017) have been screened internationally at film festivals and museums.

Elisa Celda (Madrid, 1995) is a filmmaker and part of the Lejos lejos group, from where she produces and programmes. Her work has been presented in festivals and spaces such as IDFA, Documenta Madrid, Premiers Plans, Curtocircuíto, Play-Doc, El Círculo de Bellas Artes de Madrid and CCE in Montevideo, among others. With her latest short film O arrais do mar, she won the Generación 2020 de La Casa Encendida award and the Arché Prize at the Festival Porto/Post/Doc. She studied at Elías Querejeta Zine Eskola (San Sebastian) and at ECAM (Madrid).


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