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Punto de Vista Collection
Since 4th November and till 14th February the registration period for the Punto de Vista Seminar 2014 will be open. Punto de Vista will be holding its international film seminar from the 19th to the 22nd February 2014. Pamplona will once again be keeping its date with non-fiction cinema, where Ignacio Agüero (Chile) and Pema Tseden (China) will be the special guests. The seminar will include a retrpsoective on each of these two film-makers. Furthermore, at this event, there will be a new edition of the X Films Project, and a special closing session on Saturday.
In February, Punto de Vista is playing host to the fourth edition of the X Films Project. Framed within the Punto de Vista 2014 International Seminar, X Films chooses a film project from those by previously selected artists. Last year, the project chosen was La Tradición , by catalan filmmaker Francina Verdés.
The fourth edition of the X Films Project, through which, every year, the Punto de Vista Festival produces a film in the form of a filmed diary, has selected the three participants for this year: Eloy Domínguez, Aitor Gametxo and Mercedes Mangrané. The three film-makers will present their projects in February, as part of the International Punto de Vista Seminar, along with a selection of their past work. Of the three projects presented, only one will be chosen to be made over the course of 2014.
In February, Pamplona will once again be keeping its date with non-fiction cinema. Punto de Vista will be hosting a seminar, featuring the special guest film-makers Ignacio Agüero (Chile) and Pema Tseden (China), who will be coming to Pamplona to present their films, talk to participants, and reflect on their cinema. The registration period for the seminar opens on the 4th November.
Ignacio Agüero is an architect turned film-maker who cannot help being an architect as he struggles to stop being a film-maker. A tough but productive battle. Como me da la gana is his most honest declaration, made in 1985, where he goes to individual directors to ask them why they make cinema and for what purpose, without getting a clear response from anyone, and without Agüero himself knowing why he is making this film-question. As an architect, space slips into almost all his projects; sometimes it is an area of Santiago that disappears and buries the last of his shipwrecked souls in Aquí se construye, at others it is a village populated with more memories than inhabitants, as in La mamá de mi abuela le contó a mi abuela, and at other times it is that no-man’s land that constitutes the threshold of the front door in El otro día. As a film-maker, Ignacio Agüero declares that he dreams of achieving a film in which the film-maker disappears and it is the film that constructs itself. Self-architecture, then. The solution arrives when he puts a cheap but effective scriptwriter known as ‘chance’ to work. In “a film made about the people who ring the doorbell of my house”, the Chilean director decides to turn his gaze back on anyone who calls at his home, and manages to show us two worlds: the inside world with its whimsical lights and dense shadows, and the outside world of a Santiago sketched in the best way: involuntarily.
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