Pere Roca

Pere Roca is the director of the 'Canal Cultura' channel on TVE. He was previously the director of the CDA (Centre for Audiovisual Development) at the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries; director of the Department of Development at Filmax; assistant to the Director of Programming at TVC (Televisió de Catalunya); director of the production firm Farringdon Films London, which makes documentaries and reports; director of PILOTS (Programme for the International Launch of Television Series), an initiative of the MEDIA programme; and executive producer at IMATCO, SA, which makes feature films, series and documentaries, both national and through joint productions.

He also collaborates with fiction film and advertising production teams; he works in the Cinematography Service of Catalonia's Regional Government; and he is the coordinator of the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival, and of the Primavera Photography Festival in Catalonia. For 9 years, he was head of the Production Department at ESCAC (Catalonia's Official School of Film and the Audiovisual Arts). He has also lectured and supervised on several European Masters' Degree courses in audiovisual management, and has been an official adviser to the Training Area of the MEDIA programme; a tutor at the Television Business School, and head of the Production Department at ESCAC.

Pere Roca
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