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To Light, To Love, To Time. Jonathan Schwartz

On the banks of a river in Portugal when we were attending Docs Kingdom in September 2018, Deborah Stratman told me that Jonathan Schwartz was very ill. That same day I wrote to Ben Russell, a filmmaker and good friend of Jonathan who was with him in his home in Vermont at the time, and I mentioned my interest in dedicating the Punto de Vista 2019 book to Jonathan. From that day on, this adventure against the clock has unearthed examples of generosity, admiration and deep affection for the work of Schwartz by the film community we belong to.

This publication does not aim to be the definitive book on Schwartz’s work. It has been conceived as a gesture -an urgent and deeply-felt one- to place this author’s work where it deserves to be. To time, to light, to love: Jonathan Schwartz picks up on unpublished texts and visuals by authors such as Max Goldberg, Erika Balsom, Michael Sicinski, Jodie Mack, Ben Rivers, Rebekah Rutkoff and Deborah Stratman herself.

The book sets out to be an initial contact with his creative process, not just his film work but also his literary and graphic production. It is simply an invitation to get to know, revisit and enjoy Jonathan’s work even more.

It has been done hand in hand, very carefully and lovingly, with the designer Dani Sanchis, who has magically conveyed Jonathan’s language in this book. In my name and on behalf of the organising team of Punto de Vista, I am very grateful for the efforts and support of his nearest and dearest: Tessa Carpenter, Henry Schwartz and Emily Drury, as well as the help, advice and complicity of Ben Russell, Jodie Mack, Irina Leimbacher and Max Goldberg. Without their help, we simply would not be writing these lines today, and thanks to them we can share the art and humanity of the ‘radiant films’ of Jonathan Schwartz with the public that will join us in Punto de Vista this year.

To Yes,
Garbiñe Ortega

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To Light, To Love, To Time. Jonathan Schwartz

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