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Candidatos X-Films 2019 Navarre documentary film festival Punto de Vista launched in 2010 a project in order to offer emerging Spanish documentary makers the opportunity to shoot in Navarre an essay-like formaudiovisual creation. X Films Project, initiative of Punto de Vista and the Department of Culture, Sports and Youth of the Government of Navarra, recovers the spirit of the Navarre X Films producer, founded by Juan Huarte in 1963 with the idea of producing films that “show a singular artistic interest or represent special values” andspecialized in risky productions, betting by most innovative, ambitious and experimental films, until 80s, when the film producer disappeared.

The aim of this Project is double: on the one hand, provide directors the possibility to develop new works; on the other hand, year on year those workscreate a group of pieces which means an approach to new voices of the documentary to the people of Navarre. Thus, over time a polyhedral approach to Navarre will be generated and, at the same time, mainly, X Films Project foster no fiction audio-visual creations and Punto de Vista becomes a must in innovative spirit documentary makers’ agenda.


  • Every year, this festival invites three documental film directors – with a suitable profileto the project- to take part of it. Selected artists have to prepare an audio-visual essay project to be shoot in Navarre and presented that year during the festival or the seminar Punto de Vista.
  • Additionally, a selection committee composed of three experts come from professional fields that are interested in work of this new audiovisual talents is created: producers, programmers, persons in charge of the audio-visual area of museums, directors of film festivals, specialized journalists, etc.
  • Directors and experts taking part in this festival are selected by artistic and executive management of Punto de Vista.
  • Every director has its own space within the festival or seminar schedule to display an assortment of the last three years of his/her work before the audience and the selection committee.
  • Once all participants show their work and audio-visual essay projects, selection committee then decides which project is going to be produced by Punto de Vista film festival.
  • The selected director should made an audiovisual essay, a kind of audiovisual writing in first person, which is going to be presented during the next edition of the festival. This piece shall have a minimum duration of 20 minutes.
Gobierno de Navarra
Con la financiación del Gobierno de España. Instituto de la Cinematografía y las Artes Audiovisuales Acción Cultural Española
Ayuntamiento de Pamplona Goethe Institut Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Huarte Instituto Cervantes Fundación Caja Navarra Universidad de Navarra - Facultad de Comunicación Institut Français
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