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Gervasio Iglesias

Gervasio IglesiasBefore becoming Director and Executive Producer of Zanfoña Producciones, he worked as a producer at TVE and Tele-Expo (Expo 92). He studied Philosophy and Film Making. He is a member of the Spanish Film Academy.

He has produced, among others, the films 7 vírgenes (Alberto Rodríguez, 2005), Astronautas (Santi Amodeo, 2003), or Embarcadero (Dani Cuberta and Óscar Clemente, 1999). He has also produced and/or directed many TV programmes and series. He has teaching experience and has published articles and his productions have been screened at the leading Festivals worldwide: San Sebastian, Berlin, Cannes, Venice, Toronto, Karlovy-Vary, Tokyo, Thessalonica, etc. his productions have won over 40 awards outside Spain and he has sold his work in over 80 different countries. It is also common for him to participate in TV programmes and in cultural events.


Eli Lloveras

Eli LloverasGraduate in Fine Arts, she has been one of the four members of YProductions, a cultural production company that has worked in culture-related production, management research and training. Over the years, she has worked in the following areas: artistic production, the culture economy, cultural work, research into culture, cultural reviews, cultural policies and innovation in culture.  All of these topics have been discussed in debate symposiums such as Estrategas in Barcelona, editorial projects like Producta50 or Innovación en Cultura (2009, ed. Dream Traffickers), audiovisuals projects like Bastante Tengo Conmigo Mismo and working structures like the platform for the dissemination and distribution of the  HAMACA video, a project that she has directed since 2009.


Félix Piñuela

Félix PiñuelaHis first notion of the world was in the neighbourhood of Ventas and the banks of the River Guadarrama.

His educational years (or call them X) were spent between Madrid and La Habana.

For the time being, his qualifications are: Graduate in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid, and qualified as producer and scriptwriter from the Official Institute of  Radio and Television and the International Film and Television School in San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba.

He began his professional career as a photographer for a travel agency. In this way, he travelled all over Europe and lived alongside tourists. One of them, the only one that wasn’t singing on the bus, says to him: “You are still very young and you can’t enjoy or understand what you see properly”.
The years go by. He has directed short films and documentaries in Spain and Latin America. He joined forces with Paco Mateo to write Así se hizo Sansón, which won the Julio Alejandro Award for Best Feature Film Script, from the Fundación Autor.

He has directed Versión Española, on TVE, the first television programme to win the Medal for Merit in Fine Arts awarded by the Ministry of Culture.

Now, he is not so young and although he still does not understand, he tries to enjoy what he sees.

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