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Pema Tseden


Pema TsedenWriter, director, he is born in 1969 in Amdo, the Tibetan region (Qinghai province). He is a member of the Chinese Film Directors’ Association, Chinese Filmmakers’ Association and Chinese Film Literature Association. He studied in the Northwest University for Nationalities, Beijing Film Academy and Lu Xun College respectively. And Master degree in Literature and Arts.

Since 1991, he has published more than 50 pieces of short and medium-length novels both in Tibetan and Chinese. Some of his works have been translated into English, French and German among other languages. Some of them won the Tibetan literature prize Drang-char (sbrang-char) and the Rookie award for Chinese Contemporary Ethnic Literature etc.

Published works mainly include Temptation, a Tibetan collection of short stories; Master in Tibet, a full-length biography; Never-Ending Tales, a lengthy translation work, the Chinese fiction series Dream of a Street Singer will also be published in this year.

In 2002, he began his film career; the major works for feature film directed by him are The Grassland (2004), The Silent Holy Stones (2005), The Search (2009) and Old Dog (2010) etc. His films won numerous awards, such as the Asian New Talent Award and the Best Director Award in the 9th Shanghai International Film Festival, the Golden Rooster Award & Jury Prize in the 12th Shangai International Film Festival or the Golden Digital Award in the 35th Hong Kong International Film Festival 2011.
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