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Qu’ils réposent en révolte (Des Figures de Guerres I) Qu’ils réposent en révolte (Des Figures de Guerres I)

Country: Francia
Year: 2010
Duration: 154'
Direction: Sylvain George
Photograph: Sylvain George
Editor: Sylvain George
Sound: Sylvain Georg
Music: Archie Shepp «Motherless Chile»
Voice Over: Valérie Dréville
Production: Noir Production


Some men sitting around a bonfire hold a burning screw and pass it on from one to another. They want to get rid of their fingerprints. Some others prefer to use a razor blade. Sylvain George lived with the migrant persons in Calais (north of France) over a period of three years. The film shows the daily fight these people have to go through, sometimes so cruel that it requires to lose their own identity. Inspired by a Henri Michaux’s poem, it portraits in black and white the inhuman conditions the contemporary plebe - undocumented immigrants, but also unemployed workers, young people of the poor suburbs- live in. The repressive policies deprive them of their most elementary rights and reduce them to the state of “pure bodies” or “naked lives”.


  • BAFICI 2011: Best film in the internacional competition and FIPRESCI prize in International competition
  • FILMMAKER FILM FESTIVAL DE MILAN: Prize for the best film in International competition.
  • FESTIVAL DE VALDIVIA 2010: Jury Special Prize.
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