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The Last Communist The Last Communist

Country: Malaysia
Year: 2006
Duration: 90'
Direction: Amir Muhammad
Screenplay: Amir Muhammad, Jerome Kugan
Photograph: Albert Hue
Editor: Azharr Rudin
Music: Hardesh Singh
Cast: Zalila Lee, Toni Kassim, Janet Lee
Production: Amir Muhammad


Amir Muhammad keeps examining Malaysia´s history and its multifaceded identity, this time from the viewpoint of the leader of the Communist Party, Chin Peng (something the goverment didn´t like and hence the screening of the film was banned). Actually, Chin Peng is just the excuse to portrait people talking about their ordinary lives, dreams and memories in this sensational hibrid of documentary, road movie and musical. Muhammad interviews people who lived in the same town as Peng and incorporates music scenes from especially composed songs in the mould of old-fashioned propaganda to clips in a cheesy karaoke style. The Last Communist is an obstinate, fun and ironic movie that talks about history without using any sort of archive footage.

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