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La casa Emak Bakia (fragments) La casa Emak Bakia (fragments)

Country: España
Year: 2012
Duration: 9'
Direction: Oskar Alegría


In 1926, Man Ray shot an avant-garde film with the Basque title of "Emak Bakia", an old expression meaning "Leave me be". The film was shot close to Biarritz and the US artist claimed that Emak Bakia was the name of the house where he stayed and shot several scenes. 83 years on, Oskar Alegria is embarking on a journey around the Basque coast to find this house. It will not be easy; it is not in any records and the images taken by Man Ray only show the front door and a window with two columns, never the whole house. But there is a little stretch of coastline, rugged and low-lying, filmed by Man Ray, which gives a few more clues about the place...

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