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Malaysian Gods Malaysian Gods

Country: Malaysia
Year: 2009
Duration: 70'
Direction: Amir Muhammad
Screenplay: Amir Muhammad
Photograph: Shan
Editor: MS PremNath
Music: Couple
Production: Amir Muhammad


In September 1998, Anwar Ibrahim was sacked as Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia. He was accused of corruption and sodomy. This triggered a wave of street protests in Kuala Lumpur by his supporters, who were against the dictatorial the government of Mahathir Mohamad. The label for this movement  was 'reformasi' .  Instead of using archive footage, Muhammad comes back to that scenario and interviews those who are living, working in or simply happen to be out in the actual locations of the demonstrations, about a decade later.Nuts seller, salesmen, cinema operators talk to the camera in Tamil, the main language of the smallest of the three major ethnic groups. With his characteristic wry humour, Amir creates a collective portrait of a Malaysia ten years older.

Festival Internacional de Cine de Mar de Plata 2009, Singapure International Film Festival 2009, Rotterdam Film Festival 2010, Dubai International Film Festival 2009.
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