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X FILMS 2012

Punto de Vista gives emerging filmmakers the chance to shoot a film essay in Navarra. In an attempt to recover the old spirit of X Films, the production company founded by Juan Huarte in 1963, this project is aimed at producing films "that have a unique artistic value or convey valuable messages." The X Films Project is Punto de Vista's bet on the most innovative, inquisitive, experimental non-fiction film.

There have been two editions of X Films so far, in the 2010 and 2011 editions of the Punto de Vista Festival. In 2010, the selected filmmaker was Chus Domínguez, whose work, Notas de lo efímero/Notes on the Ephemeral, was premiered in Pamplona in February 2011. Since then, the film has screened and won awards at several film festivals; for instance, the prize for best short film at the Alcances festival in Cádiz or the third prize at Alcalá de Henares Film Festival, ALCINE. Notas de lo efímero embarked on an international tour in April, screening at the Buenos Aires International Independent Film Festival, BAFICI. Since then, it has been shown in many festivals and cultural centres in Spain and abroad.

In 2011, the winning project was Behetik Gora eta Goitik Behera, Bottom Up and Top Down, by WeareQQ, the duo made by Usue Arrieta and Vicente Vázquez.

On February 24, 2012, at 8:00 p.m., the Navarra Film Library is showing the works of the artists selected this year and last year’s winning film. Admission is free. Interested spectators must get their invitations at the ticket box office.

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